Residential Roofing


For most people, the only time we think about the roof of our house is when we buy our house.  Otherwise, our roof is something we hardly think about.  Yet, the reality is that our roof is one of the most important parts of a home.  


We bring the ability to handle projects of any size or complexity.  Whether it is a steep slope, low slope, or flat roof, we’ve done it before and we’ve done it well.


Repairing or replacing a roof can be prohibitively expensive and inconvenient when it was not planned for.  One way to save money, and ensure that you get full value for your roof is to invest in regular roof maintenance.  With regular care you are more likely to avoid major roof repairs that can be expensive.


With our 35 years of experience, Consumer Roofing is the industry leader in residential roof repair.  Our team is experienced in every type of roofing system.  We will identify the problem and provide you with a detailed overview, and a comprehensive solution.  

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